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19 Gruber St. Building D | Delaware, OH 43015
Phone: (844) 544-9453 | Text: (419) 982-5502
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815 Morrison Road | Fremont, OH 42420
(419) 552-2001 | Email Us

Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm
Emergency Services Available

Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout Ohio

Provides Crawl Space, Attic Clean-Up, Insulation Services, And Wildlife Control For Homes And Businesses

A Licensed, Insured, And Certified Ohio Based Family Run Business Experienced In All Problems Related To Attics, Crawlspaces, and Wildlife

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Services Provided By Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Central Division

Contact Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout Via Our Contact Form If You Would Like to Schedule An Inspection.

Our Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout Office Staff Are Ready To Take Your Call At (844) 544-9453. Don’t Delay – Call Now!

The Highly Trained Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout Crew Can Tackle Any Attic, Crawl Space, Or Wildlife Control Issues, Small Or Large – You’ve Found The Best!

Many customers wonder if our Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout team performs wildlife removal, such as birds, bats, squirrels, or raccoons, from an attic or crawl space, will a complete attic or crawl space restoration be necessary. It’s possible, but not if the damage caused by your wildlife invasion is not extensive. So the answer is: maybe, maybe not, but let’s explain further.

Wildlife like birds, bats, squirrels, and raccoons can cause a wide assortment of damage in a home’s crawl space or attic once they have “broken into” your building. Squirrels and raccoons are infamous for making or finding openings on the exterior of a house, allowing them to access a crawlspace, wall, or attic. And once there are openings into a building, the structure becomes defenseless in keeping out other critters like birds or a colony of bats, which can potentially create some severe damage and impact the environment’s health.

Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout performs total and comprehensive crawl space and attic inspections. We offer modernized materials and equipment, plus state-of-the-art methodologies. No matter how big or small, our team can do it all.

When confronted with a wildlife infestation, whether in your crawl space or attic, Canal Winchester Attic Restoration, a Buckeye Wildlife Solutions division, is here to help throughout the wildlife removal process and the attic or crawl space cleanup process. If our customers so choose, our wildlife removal procedures can include any damage repairs or restorations that you need in your attic or crawl space.

We have all the technology and machinery necessary for wildlife control, crawl space, or attic issues, no matter the size or scope in Canal Winchester, Ohio residences or commercial property. Whether you building needs contaminated insulation removed, surfaces decontaminated, sanitized or deordorized, we never farm out any work to other companies: we do it all, and we do it better than anyone!

When nuisance wildlife invades a building, they defecate and urinate in the area they inhabit. Consequently, these disgusting waste products accumulate, creating various problems beyond the health hazards of urine and feces in the building.

Whatever reason we enter your home or business, our concern, first and foremost, is for your safety and well-being. Every Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout team technician is experienced, knowledgeable, capable, and honest. Plus, we take pride in doing a job well. We are here to assist you, so give us a call today at (844) 544-9453.

The Videos Below Attest To Our Skills And Capabilities When You Need Attic Restoration And Wildlife Control Experts To Handle Your Problems.

The above video shows how we go about doing a full attic restoration. If you need our Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout crew to evaluate your attic or crawlspace, please call us today at (844) 544-9453.

The video above shows some raccoon babies we removed from a customer’s attic. As you watch the video notice the aggressive behavior of the babies which will and can bite. Call Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout’s raccoon removal crew at (844) 544-9453.

Photo: Our Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout are crawlspace restoration experts
Photo: Our Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout team members clean, sanitized, and put down vapor barriers and new insulation in crawl spaces.
Photo: Our Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout crew clean, sanitize and deodorize attics.
Photo: Our Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout crew blow in high quality Insulmax insulation.
Photo: Our Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout crew makes sure the proper amount of insulation is used to create the greatest energy savings.

At Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout We Are Crawlspace And Attic Restoration Pros. You Can Use Our Contact Form To Ask Questions Regarding Our Services.

Call Us At (844) 544-9453 If You Would Prefer To Talk To One Of Our Restoration Or Wildlife Experts?

Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout Provides More Than Attic Restoration And Crawl Space Restoration!

We Remove Bats, Birds, Raccoons, Squirrels, And More. Plus, We Can Help Make The Essential Changes To Your Home Or Business To Prevent Future Wildlife Incursions

When you call Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout, we can do several things to restore your attic and crawl space due to a wildlife infestation or old ineffective insulation, or poorly installed vapor barriers. Of course, we’re here to perform wildlife exclusions and seal and repair all access points into your house, preventing future infestations.

But, we are Crawl Space experts, and we love installing vapor barriers in your crawl space or, if needed replacing the old ineffective vapor barrier, many of which get poorly installed. Poorly installed vapor barriers allow mold and moisture buildup. But we guarantee that mold and moisture will never build up once we install our state-of-the-art vapor barriers.

And when it comes to attic insulation replacement in your Canal Winchester home or commercial building, you get the best of the best when you hire Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout. We use INSULMAX® blow-in cellulose insulation, ecologically-friendly insulation made of 85 percent recycled paper fiber in your home to partially replace or completely replace your current insulation. Putting INSULMAX® into your attic will keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter while saving on your energy bills.

And remember, if wildlife critters have torn through your insulation, Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout can help restore your attic or crawl space with no inconvenience to you, your family, your customers, or your employees! And to repeat, partially or fully replacing insulation will help reduce your energy bill and make your home or commercial building much more energy-efficient.

If you are interested in hiring Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout for our attic and crawl space restoration skills or our wildlife exclusion expertise, we’re just a call away at (844) 544-9453. Our team of experts is certified, experienced and customer-centered, and prepared to help make the necessary changes to your buildings to prevent wildlife infestations and energy loss. Just take a look at all the services we provide by checking out the links below:

“I had squirrels in my attic and a bird in a side vent. After extensive online research I chose Buckeye Wildlife because they were a smaller company and had great reviews. Believe the reviews, folks. This is a company that seems to value its customers over a quick buck.

Louis was my tech. He was not only immediately likeable, but communicated his process, findings (including pics) and expectations of the project as he completed his inspection. When he returned to install the traps, he continued to talk through his process and educate me a bit. Instead of trying to run up the bill, Louis found ways to save me money.

I am extremely satisfied and happy with the results. My squirrels are gone, and the hole was patched. The bird is gone, and a new vent cover will prevent future nesting. It is obvious that the owner of Buckeye Wildlife realizes that his employees are his greatest asset. I cannot recommend them more highly and I will not use anyone else should the need arise.”

“We had Buckeye Wildlife Solutions out to inspect our attic for animals after hearing noises. We were able to quickly schedule an appointment, and Jordan came out the next day and explained what he was going to do, and how much the service would cost.

At every stage of the process, Jordan was very responsive and always on time. He always took the time to explain what was going on, and provided his explanations without any sales pressure whatsoever. It appeared to us that the prices quoted were competitive, and when Jordan didn’t find any signs of animal intrusion he charged us less than originally quoted. I would definitely use Buckeye Wildlife Solutions again.”

“Buckeye Wildlife did a great job! Shane was so nice and professional! We had squirrels and birds in our attic. Shane explained what the problem was and what needed done and did an excellent job fixing the problem. They were very prompt and easy to work with at a fair price. I would recommend them and will use them for any future needs.”

Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout Are Top-Notch Certified, Licensed And Insured Wildlife Control And Wildlife Trapping Experts 


Photo: Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout crew are squirrel trapping experts.
Photo: Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout crew are skunk trapping experts.
Photo: Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout crew are raccoon trapping experts.
Photo: Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout crew are bat exclusion experts.
Photo: Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout crew are mole trapping experts.

Not Sure What Type Of Feces Is In Your Crawl Space Or Attic. Time To Contact Us Via Our Form And Ask For A Building Inspection Today!

Want Expert Advice Regarding A Wildlife Invasion? Call Canal Winchester Attic Cleanout Today At (844) 544-9453 and speak to one of our wildlife experts.
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