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19 Gruber St. Building D | Delaware, OH 43015
Phone: (844) 544-9453 | Text: (419) 982-5502
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815 Morrison Road | Fremont, OH 42420
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Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm
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Maumee Attic Cleanout Ohio

Family-Owned, Licensed And Insured Maumee, Ohio Wildlife Removal, Attic Restoration, Crawl Space Restoration

20+ Years Of Combined Experience In All Things Related To Attics, Crawl Spaces, And Wildlife Removal And Exclusion

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Services Provided By Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest Division

You Can Reach Maumee Attic Cleanout 24/7/365 Using Our Online Form Here.

You Can Talk To One Of Our Speak To One Of Our Office Staff During Business Hours At (419) 552-2001. Please Leave a Message After Hours.

Licensed, Insured, And Certified Maumee Attic Cleanout Are Maumee, Ohio’s  Wildlife, Attics, and Crawlspaces Experts

Our Maumee Attic Cleanout team, a division of the highly respected Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest, regularly sees buildings seriously damaged by wildlife. A wildlife invasion from bats, birds, squirrels, and raccoons frequently produces crawl space, internal walls, external parts of a building, inner walls, and attics in such disarray a comprehensive restoration is the only option for the areas.

Depending on the kind of nuisance wildlife, the length of time they hold up in these spaces, and the mess they leave behind, professional help is wise. When we see sizable infestations, the wild animals’ quantity of poop and urine can be so significant that a building will require a complete restoration by the Maumee Attic Cleanout team.

If your home or commercial building has been infested with nuisance wildlife for a long time, a significant amount of insulation will be destroyed and definitely contaminated. As time goes by, contaminated soiled insulation causes a nasty odor, and insulation replacement combined with sanitizing and deodorizing is the only way to make the area safe and healthy once again.

A crawl space or attic contaminated by a nuisance wildlife invasion poses health risks to you, your family, workers, or customers. People can develop various diseases from wildlife pee and poop. The longer nuisance wildlife spends time in your crawl space or attic, in all likelihood, you’ll need the specialized refurbishment abilities of a company like Maumee Attic Cleanout.

Irrespective of what kind of nuisance wildlife you have inside your home or commercial building, whether bats, birds, squirrels, or raccoons, their poop and pee sitting in an enclosed area for a prolonged time can begin developing bacteria and viruses. These invisible to the eye pathogens can become airborne, move into living and working spaces, and be inhaled by the people, resulting in the development of any number of diseases. In addition, any odor left behind by pest wildlife can entice other wildlife, so it’s vital to disinfect the space, repair any access points, eliminate damage, deodorize all surfaces and replace old insulation with new.

Many people are unsure that they have a wildlife infestation but have a clue they may have. Calling Maumee Attic Cleanout for a building inspection is much less costly than procrastinating: a long-term wildlife invasion may result in an expensive attic or crawl space restoration. The cost of an attic and crawl space restoration varies based on many reasons: the size of the space, how much waste, feces, urine, and insulation needs removal, the expense of materials for repairs, and the quantity of insulation that needs replacement.

Usually, Maumee Attic Cleanout will price out a restoration job by the square footage. Our Inspector will always make you aware of the range of your charges. We have truthful, reasonable pricing plus offer the finest wildlife removal, crawl space, and attic restoration services in Maumee, Ohio. So don’t wait if you think you have a wildlife invasion, and call us at (419) 552-2001 and get the well-respected attic, crawl space, and wildlife control specialists of Maumee, Ohio.


In The Video’s Below We Give You A Glimpse At Out Attic Restoration And Wildlife Capturing Talents. There’s No Attic We Can’t Restore Nor Critter We Can’t Capture.

Our Maumee Attic Cleanout crew are attic restoration experts, as you can see in the above video. We restore attics in residential and commercial buildings. From the initial meeting until the project’s conclusion, you’ll receive reliable, unmatched service. Call us at (419) 552-2001

Maumee Attic Cleanout Team humanely captures wildlife using live traps as seen in the above video of a capture of a raccoon. Our knowledgeable and skilled specialists are capable of capturing or excluding all wildlife. Call today at (419) 552-2001.

Maumee Attic Cleanout’s Customers Want You To Know We’re The Trusted Maumee, Ohio Wildlife Removal, Attic Restoration, and Crawl Space Restoration Company Of Choice

“We have had Blake and his team come visit several times this year! They have removed a racoon from our attic, patched up entrance spots for other animals, and they have come to check our house for an inspection multiple times when we heard noises coming from the house. They were respectful, listened to our ideas, reassured us, made us feel safe, and did everything they could to help us out! We really appreciate their support and would call them in a heartbeat again!”

“Starting with the initial phone call, this business is professional. I had a new batch of raccoons in my attic. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions found them, extracted them and set exit screens to allow any adults to exit but not return. The raccoon exited into the trap and was removed. Buckeye returned & sealed any possible entry points and then cleaned and re-insulated the attic.

Through many contacts with them, the technician & owner were always concerned that I was receiving the best service & felt that I was now protected from future animals getting into the attic. The technician I dealt with, Blake, is professional and timely. He was always very friendly & super punctual.

If anyone even thinks they have any animals in their attic, please call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions for peace of mind. I will use Buckeye as a preventative service for my next house.”

Maumee Attic Cleanout Provides Maumee, Ohio With Our Exceptional Line Of Wildlife Removal, Attic and Crawl Space Skills

We Not Only Get Nuisance Critters Out Of Your Buildings We Keep Them Out And Do All The Necessary Repairs

Our Maumee Attic Cleanout team are top notch bat excluders
Photo: The Maumee Attic Cleanout team provide high quality repairs that keep wildlife critters out of your buildings
Our Maumee Attic Cleanout team are crawl space restoration experts
Maumee Attic Cleanout can decontaminate and sanitize any space returning it to a safe healthy condition
Photo: The Maumee Attic Cleanout team blown in quality Insulmax insulation

From wildlife control to attic and crawl space restoration Maunmee Attic Cleanout Can do it all.  You can use our Contact Form to schedule an appointment.

You can always speak with a Maumee Attic Cleanout staff member during business hours at (419) 552-2001 or leave a message after business hours.

Maumee Attic Cleanout Is Maumee, Ohio’s First Choice For Crawl Space Encapsulations

When Maumee Attic Cleanout gets a call regarding a crawl space issue, it generally involves wildlife critters invading that area. We often discover a damp, wet, stinky, and, frankly, unhealthy crawlspace during these wildlife removals. From our experience, most people who have a crawl space generally don’t understand the damaging effects of a moisture-laden crawlspace, nor do they realize how difficult it is to keep moisture out.

When air rises in a building with a crawlspace, it arrives from the air that was previously in the crawl space. Moist crawlspaces often contain mold, and mold gives rise to mold spores. These spores get into the crawlspace air and make their way into living and working spaces.

One way the Maumee Attic Cleanout team can help address crawlspace moisture issues after we remove any wildlife, sanitize and deodorize the area by performing a crawlspace encapsulation. A Crawl space encapsulation creates a heavy-duty moisture barrier to the floor of your crawl space, sealed foundation vents, insulated walls, and a crawl space dehumidifier. By thoroughly closing a crawl space, i.e., encapsulation, a dehumidifier regulates the moisture levels in the area and creates a healthy space of air.

If you’re wondering if a crawl space encapsulation is suitable for your building, you’ve come to the right place. Our Maumee Attic Cleanout experts can tell you all you need to know about what it takes to build a properly encapsulated crawl space and whether it will serve your best interests by calling us at (419) 552-2001.

Our Maumee Attic Cleanout team are crawlspace experts
Our Maumee Attic Cleanout team remove wildlife from crawlspaces
Our Maumee Attic Cleanout team are experts at crawlspace encapsulations
Our Maumee Attic Cleanout team can make any crawlspace mold and mildew free.
The Maumee Attic Cleanout team are Maumee, Ohio's crawlspace experts of choice.

Fill Out Our Form And Ask For A crawlspace Inspection.

To Schedule a crawlspace inspection Call (419) 552-2001 Now!

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