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19 Gruber St. Building D | Delaware, OH 43015
Phone: (844) 544-9453 | Text: (419) 982-5502
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815 Morrison Road | Fremont, OH 42420
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Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm
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West Jefferson Attic Cleanout Ohio

West Jefferson, Ohio’s Leading Attic And Crawl Space Restoration, Wildlife Removal and Wildlife Damge Repair Company

Professional Insulation Replacement, Attic And Crawl Space Cleanup, Decontamination, Deodorizing, Wildlife Trapping, And More

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Services Provided By Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Central Division

Contact West Jefferson Attic Cleanout Via Our Contact Form Here To Schedule A Building Inspection.

We Have Knowledgable And Helpful Staff Who Can Answer All Your Questions At (844) 544-9453.

West Jefferson Attic Cleanout Is Expert At Attic Cleaning, Insulation Removal, Wild Animal Removal And Prevention, Insulation Installation And Replacement, And Attic Sanitation

One of the significant problems with a wildlife infestation is the feces, urine, and damage that needs addressing. At West Jefferson Attic Cleanout, we are the beginning-to-end full-service attic restoration, crawl space restoration, and wildlife control company. We not only remove any wild animals living in your walls, attic, or crawlspace, but we also clean up the waste and debris they produce that can cause health problems throughout a building.

West Jefferson Attic Cleanout provides our services for residential and commercial building owners throughout the West Jefferson, Ohio area. Our highly trained and experienced team of attic, crawl space, and wildlife control experts focuses on assisting our customers in attaining a safe and healthy environment, free of all signs of a wildlife infestation.

When you have a wildlife infestation, removing nuisance wildlife in your attic or crawl space and patching up all entry and future entry points may not be the end of our process. In many cases, our Jefferson Attic Cleanout crew must perform a comprehensive infestation cleanup, including insulation removal and replacement. But before insulation replacement can occur, we must apply some form of sanitizing that kills viruses, bacteria, and even parasites left in urine-soaked feces.

Wildlife infestations leave behind mites, fleas, ticks, roundworms, and urine-soaked poop-filled insulation, and all need addressing immediately. Fortunately for you, our technicians on our team are experts at insulation removal and replacement and cleaning up after any wildlife infestation, whether the critters are bats, birds, squirrels, raccoons, and more. We can use eco-friendly disinfectants, sanitizers, virucides, mildewstats, fungicides, deodorizers, and insecticides during our cleanups to eradicate viruses, bacteria, and parasites.

After confirming that we have removed all nuisance wildlife, you can rest assured that we seal every entry point and will thoroughly clean any contaminated areas. We endure that your home or business is safe for your family, pets, employees, customers, or clients, and the air in all living and working spaces is safe to breathe. And isn’t this what you want? Of course, you do, and that is what we guarantee we will do for you! Regardless of the size of your building, Jefferson Attic Cleanup can get it back into a livable, healthy condition, and safe from future infestations.

West Jefferson Attic Cleanout, a Buckeye Wildlife Solutions division, is an Ohio-based family company that offers honest assessments of a wildlife invasion. Our inspection team will provide a reasonable estimate, including wildlife removal, debris, feces, and contaminated insulation removal, repairs, cleanup, sanitizing of all surfaces, and insulation replacement. Let us help: so please call us today at (844) 544-9453.

The Two Videos Below Show the Range Of Expertise Available When You Hire West Jefferson Attic Cleanout

Here you can observe the process of installing blown cellulose into this homeowner’s attic. If you need new insulation or more insulation to make your home more energy-efficient then call West Jefferson Attic Cleanout today at (844) 544-9453.

Ever wonder what raccoon babies sound like when they are in your walls, attic, or crawl space? In the above situation, baby raccoons were nesting in the attic space above this ceiling. Need wildlife removal? Call West Jefferson Attic Cleanout at (844) 544-9453.

West Jefferson Attic Cleanout Has You Covered In All Areas Of Wildlife Control and All Manner of Attic And Crawl Space Repairs

“We were very fortunate in our decision to call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions. Chris returned our call the same day and scheduled a visit within 2 days. Chris and Tyler arrived and immediately began a thorough inspection of our attic and the outside perimeter of our home for bats. They were extremely knowledgeable, offered solutions, made recommendations and answered all of our questions.

Both Chris and Tyler were very polite, respectful of our home and extremely considerate regarding all of our concerns. They put our minds at ease in knowing that they had identified our problem and what repairs needed to be done to alleviate future problems. We highly recommend using this service.”

“David and Matt are top notch. We had a bat infestation in our attic and had a restoration performed. This company did what it said it would do and even went up and beyond our agreed action plan. They are knowledgeable, upstanding, prompt, trustworthy and flexible. Very highly recommend using this company.”

Our attic was infested with bats. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions removed the bats, sealed possible entry points, and replaced the attic insulation. We were very happy with their work

Photo: Our West Jefferson Attic Cleanout team are wildlife removal experts
Photo: Our West Jefferson Attic Cleanout team perform all manner of wildlife exclsuion repairs
Photo: Our West Jefferson Attic Cleanout team do complete attic restorations
Photo: Our West Jefferson Attic Cleanout team use high quality blown insulation.
Photo: Our West Jefferson Attic Cleanout pros use high quality R Factor insulation on all our jobs
Need wildlife removal , attic or crawl space restoration? Use Our Contact Form To Ask Any Question Regarding Our Services
Our West Jefferson Attic Cleanout Office staff are ready and waiting for your calls. Call  (844) 544-9453 and get the answers you need to help with your issues.

West Jefferson Attic Cleanout Is The Well-Respected Reliable Company In West Jefferson, Ohio, For Crawl Space Restoration, Damage Repair, Plus Resolving Moisture, Mold, And Mildew Issues

We Do More Than Trap Wildlife Out Of Crawl Spaces – We Make The Fundamental Modifications That Prevent Wildlife From Entering Crawl Spaces In The First Place And In The Future

Crawl spaces are often the perfect shelter for unwanted wildlife. Crawl spaces provide wildlife safety from the weather and predators so they can raise their young. Nuisance critters in crawl spaces create contaminated debris, including piles of feces and crawl space insulation soaked with urine, making toxic, unhealthy air that can move into your living spaces.

Let our West Jefferson Attic Cleanout team show you why we think we are the company of choice in the West Jefferson, Ohio area for crawl space restoration, wildlife damage repair, and the removal of contamination, moisture, mold, and mildew issues.

Keep in mind that crawl space mold and mildew produce unhealthy foul odors and can also be detrimental to your home’s structural support. Our professionals can remove all your contaminated insulation, sanitize and deodorize the area, then build a high-quality vapor barrier that helps prevents moisture from getting into your crawl space.

Wildlife prevention is the top way to protect your buildings from West Jefferson, Ohio wildlife. There are numerous humane ways to prevent nuisance critters from entering your crawl space or crawl space restoration. West Jefferson Attic Cleanout recommends the following Crawl Space prevention strategies:

  • Identify and seal and repair any open entry holes into your crawl space, and building
  • Screen underneath and around your crawl space.
  • Trim back vegetation around your crawl space 
  • Install sturdy steel screens on crawl space vents
  • Install downspouts correctly so water does not drain towards a crawl space
  • Repair and seal any cracks around your crawl space
  • Make sure any water pipes in your crawl space are not leaking and also properly insulate water pipes from the cold

If you are interested in hiring West Jefferson Attic Cleanout for our crawl space restoration skills, we’re just a call away at (844) 544-9453. Our team of experts is certified, experienced, customer-centered, and prepared to help make changes to your crawl space to prevent wildlife infestations, moisture, and mildew buildup. 

Our Certified, Licensed, And Insured West Jefferson Attic Cleanout Crawl Space Restoration Experts Provide Resolutions For Residential Buildings Throughout West Jefferson, Ohio.


West Jefferson Attic Cleanout crew starting a crawl sopace restoration
West Jefferson Attic Cleanout crew had to clean out damaged debris from this crawlspace
West Jefferson Attic Cleanout crew starting to make this crawl space look good.
West Jefferson Attic Cleanout technician putting the final touches on this vapor barrier
West Jefferson Attic Cleanout crew finishes another crawl space restoration

Want To Take Advantage of Our Exceptional crawl space restoratiion skills? Use Our Form And Ask For Our Assitance!

Our Years Of Real World On The Ground Experience Can Help your With Your Attic-Crawl Space Issues. Call West Jefferson Attic Cleanout At (844) 544-9453!

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